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Image by Niklas Weiss

What is counselling?

Sometimes we find that our life circumstances cause us to feel overwhelmed and we struggle to make sense of it all.  Speaking with someone who is trained to walk alongside you as you unravel the threads can be helpful.


This may mean looking at past events and the way they are impacting your emotions and reactions in the present.  Perhaps there are events today that are causing you to feel anxious, stressed and feeling as though you are reaching the limits of your ability to cope.

It may be that you have suffered some kind of trauma and would benefit from some extra help to make sense of what has happened and the effects it is still having on your day to day living.

I have experience of working with clients who want to work through anxiety, depression, bereavement, self-harm, trauma plus other areas of concern. 

At Susan Finnie Counselling I offer you a safe, confidential space where together we can work through these areas of your life, moving towards understanding what has happened, a more fruitful way of living and with new resources to prepare you to cope with whatever your future holds... 

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