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Supervision for counsellors
trainee therapists 
Mental Health Practitioners
and Pastoral Workers

If you’ve made it to this page it’s most likely because you believe, like me, that good supervision is necessary to ensure an ethical practice that benefits both client and supervisee. And that’s before we get into it being a professional requirement of your membership body or employer. So let me tell you a little about who I am…

I am an Accredited Integrative Counsellor and Clinical Supervisor (COSCA Diploma in Counselling Supervision) with experience of working with individuals in private practice, agency settings and EAPs. I also have experience as a charity trustee and setting up a counselling service within a third sector agency.

I provide 1-1 supervision for a range of professionals, including trainee and experienced counsellors, those working in mental health roles or faith-based settings.

My belief is that supervision should be a place of development where ethical practice is embedded and creates space for growth of both supervisee and the clients they work with. I offer a collaborative and supportive space to explore the challenges and celebrate the positives in your practice. Working within Hawkins and Shohet’s 7-eyed model or Page and Wosket’s Cyclical model where appropriate, I provide a sounding board where you can reflect on your work in a confidential, supportive and learning environment, exploring the impact of the work and developing new perspectives.

If you would like to have a conversation about working with me, please email or call.

I'm currently working nationally online or by telephone plus face-to-face in              SW Scotland.


Fees - £50 hour or £65 1 ½ hours

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